Graphic design studio at Marcia Designs

Design plays a strategic role in helping organizations stand out and reach out to its customers, providing solutions to problems and creating the products and services that people need. Good design should be unique, tailor-made for each situation and co-developed with users and organizations. Professional design cannot be reduced to an App. Design is the result of conversations, encounters, imagination and thought.


Click on the images below for some examples my design work.

images of the Clasp project
images of Marcia Makes branding
images of the Active Parks project
images of Docfest Conferece
images of health promotion materials and banding for Health First
images of fashion illustration projects


I have more than 20 years professional experience in design and I have worked in many roles including designing visual communication and products, creating websites, managing the production of graphic materials, running a design studio, conducting research, presenting at conferences and organizing of workshops.

I conducted my PhD research at HighWire Doctoral Training Centre at Lancaster University. My research aimed to understand how the confluence of digital innovations and a culture of co-creation is affecting the clothing industry. The main focus is on how new models of businesses and services could instigate amateurs to create their own clothes with the help of digital innovations. I graduated in Visual Communication at PUC-RIO. My time in the industry led me to question the role of designers and design in society and I was willing to explore broader applications and understanding of design as a discipline. I then joined the Master course in Design Management and Policy at LICA, Lancaster University. Straight after the MA Design course finished, I enrolled in the HighWire programme where I research, from a post-disciplinary perspective, the issues in the digital economy around how we plan, design and build our digital futures.

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